Is Your Carpet Making You Sick? Know How To Prevent It!

Are you wondering how can your carpet pose different health risks for you & your family members? It sounds unrealistic! Isn’t it? You practically live on your carpet. Your children and pets possibly spent hours playing on the carpet. Does that mean you’ve been exposing yourself & your dear family members to a host of ailments every single day?

So, let’s have a look at how your carpet can make you sick and why Carpet Cleaning Services are required to maintain a Healthy environment at your residence or commercial outlets.


That is possible via chemical emissions & pollutants. A brand new carpet tends to release injurious organic elements. Furthermore, the glues and padding employed for carpet setup can be unfavorable for your wellbeing.

Carpets can be a great sinkhole for some pollutants such as bacteria, fungi, pesticides and dust mites. Of course, by regularly cleaning your carpet, you can significantly decrease the possibility of getting exposed to those injurious compounds.

If you are facing various throat, eye, nose and skin irritations, fatigue, headaches or breathing issues, the culprit is possibly your dirty & dusty carpet.


If you want to know how to avoid getting ill due to your carpet, keep reading

Select the right carpet: To prevent illness related to carpets, you should start taking safety measures right when you buy one. You can ask your seller to suggest you a carpet that’s designed to decrease the discharge of hazardous elements. If the carpet you have selected to buy has a strong odor, it is wise that you choose another carpet out there.


Before installation: Ask your seller to unroll the carpet you want to buy and allow it to stay in that state in a clean & airy space for some time before taking it to your home for installation.

During installation: Make sure your installer is pursuing all the guidelines for a professional carpet installation.

After installation: Try to not roam around the freshly installed carpets for at least one day. Open the windows and doors of your home to ensure the strong smell of the recently installed carpet is gone before you start using the area again.

Also, ensure you opt for professional carpet cleaning in regular intervals to eliminate deposition of injurious bacteria on your carpet. Besides professional carpet cleaning, you should vacuum your carpet regularly as well.

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